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Children’s Books, Not Just For Children

I was recently at the post office, mailing some copies of What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon Zoo.   Another person in line struck up a conversation with me about the book. She mentioned she might buy a copy for her nephew’s child, but then admitted she also really enjoyed children’s books for herself. […]

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The Interplay of Words and Texts Makes Children’s Books Unique

A children’s book is not a dumbed down story with pictures. Its a genre or its own, a totally unique form of storytelling. The best children’s books use pictures and words, not for redundancy, but as a tag-team, each telling their own part of the story.

Take one of my current obsessions, Mr. Tiger Goes […]

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Zoo Krewe – Assemble!

Writing, illustrating, printing, and marketing a children’s book is no small task. We’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve learned a lot the hard way. There is a story behind this story, and we thought it would be interesting for our fans and aspiring self-publishers if we shared that story and our lessons-learned.

Lesson: […]

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