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The Sleepy Animals Show

Now that you know what the animals are up to at night that makes them so sleepy would you like to dive deeper? What are they chatting about in the back of those pages? What’s a typical night like for these animals out and about at the Audubon Zoo? We’ve created some animation that […]

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Children’s Books, Not Just For Children

I was recently at the post office, mailing some copies of What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon Zoo.   Another person in line struck up a conversation with me about the book. She mentioned she might buy a copy for her nephew’s child, but then admitted she also really enjoyed children’s books for herself. […]

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The Interplay of Words and Texts Makes Children’s Books Unique

A children’s book is not a dumbed down story with pictures. Its a genre or its own, a totally unique form of storytelling. The best children’s books use pictures and words, not for redundancy, but as a tag-team, each telling their own part of the story.

Take one of my current obsessions, Mr. Tiger Goes […]

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Phonemic Awareness- a Pre-Reading Skill

Readers are made in the laps of their parents. Bedtime stories have more benefits than just an appreciation of books and quality snuggle time. When children see books being read, they gain a host of essential pre-reading skills. One skill we wanted to develop through reading What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon […]


We’ve been doing a lot of events all around the area. Here are some photos from all the fun events we got to do.

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Crowdfunding: Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo

Crowdfunding has become an essential component of self-publishing. Its a great way to see if anyone wants your book before you shell out printing costs, and if successful, it can diminish out of pocket expenses to bring your story from drafts and sketches to a real live book.

Someone recently requested to meet us solely […]

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Our First Fan Mail: Mrs. Clark’s Class

Hello Miss Clark’s Class,

Thank you very much for the letter. These are the first questions that any class has mailed to us! Since these questions are so thoughtful, I wanted to write equally thoughtful answers. Maybe if your class would like to learn more about writing and illustrating stories, we can come visit sometime.

The […]

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From the Howling Wolf Den to the Audubon Zoo

ALesson: Your first idea may not be your best idea. Stick with it. Put in the time and effort. Its is worth coming up with 99 bad ideas to get to the good one.

The idea for the story both came on a whim and as a product of hard work. We knew we wanted […]

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Zoo Krewe – Assemble!

Writing, illustrating, printing, and marketing a children’s book is no small task. We’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve learned a lot the hard way. There is a story behind this story, and we thought it would be interesting for our fans and aspiring self-publishers if we shared that story and our lessons-learned.

Lesson: […]

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